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30 Reasons We Love Drake In Honor Of His 30th Birthday

On October 24, 1986 a star was born. That star is of course named Aubrey ‘Drake’ Graham.

Today Drake hit the big 3-0 and to celebrate I asked 30 fans the reason they have love for the 6 God. The responses of course varied, but one common thing remains and that is the love is real.

Check out the reasons below. Happy Birthday Drake!!! More Life.

30 Reasons We Love Drake


1. Drake Keeps It Real

“I love Drake because he keeps it real. Whether it’s a fear of not selling enough records, growing old or not being great at relationships.”

Chidi Amakoh
Lagos, Nigeria
Instagram: orango_
Twitter: @Chi_D_


2. Drake Is Himself

“I love Drake because he is 100% real and 100% original all the time. Especially when it comes to his music. There is so much truth to his words, it’s crazy. When you really listen to his music and go beyondthe beat and initial hype, the more truth you reveal. Not because he’s a lyrical genius but because he is simply just himself as real as he can be.”

Morgan Edwards
Houston, Texas
Instagram: Morgieedwards
Twitter: MorganMelise


3. Drake Has Unforgettable Concerts

“I love Drake because he’s so proud of where he comes from. He also worked his way up to where he is now, one of the best in the game. He has all the great hits and performs unforgettable concerts!”

Richmond, Virginia


4. Drake Makes Me Feel Connected

“I love Drake because he performs from the heart and has feeling in his music. It makes me feel very connected to him through his music which is something that I dont have with any other artist.”

Anna Holthus
Plymouth, Michigan
Instagram: annaholthus
Twitter: annaholthus


5. Drake Is Passionate

“One reason why I love Drake is because he’s very passionate about his craft. He doesn’t just rap over a beat and think “well that’s it”. He digs deep within and expresses himself through his lyrics. He also doesn’t just drop music to satisfy us, he takes the time to actually perfect his craft. He NEVER let’s us down.”

Raven Hill


6. Drake Is Super Talented And Creative

“I love Drake because he is super talented and creative. Not only can he invision something & make it happen, but he can turn someone else’s things into his own & Views was a prime example of that. Drake puts his all in everything he does for his fans & I love him for that alone. Plus did I mention how freaking cute he is?!”

Kyla Boyce
Detroit, Michigan
Twitter: ChozenKyla11
IG: Thequeenkaayy



7. Drake’s Voice

“I love his voice. I have liked Drake since I was 8 years old and I fell in love with his voice. He’s not afraid to be different. Drake isn’t afraid to be goofy. He doesn’t care what others think of him and I love that about him. He changed the game by rapping and singing and I love how different that is.”

Karlyn Kanuckel
Mount Vernon, Ohio
Twitter: 171karly
Instagram: Karlyn_Kanuckel



8. Drake Gets Better With Time

‘I remember listening to Drake when he was first signed with Young Money and I could hear how young his voice was an how he was just trying to tell a story about himself and where he grew up at. I am a fan of Drake because over the years I can hear him getting better with each song he puts out and to be able to see and hear the growth is amazing! His music is about telling a story that everyone can relate to which is why I think he has so many fans. I have seen him in concert more than 5 times as well, and he gets better every time. Keep doing your thing.”

Rachel Rios 



9. Drake Shows Love To Houston

“So one big reason I love Drake is because he shows A LOT of love to Houston, where he got his real (fame) start. On his Summer Sixteen tour, he was very audible about how much he loves and appreciates Houston and that he will never forget the city. Which is why he hosts HAW.
He loves our city and we love him.”

Ana Martinez
Houston, TX.
Instagram: Anathemartinez
Twitter: Anathemartinez


10. Drake Is Humble

“He’s extremely humble and always stays quiet until he has to speak out, he can keep his calm and then end someone’s entire wave right when he needs to, and I think that’s why he’s the most successful rapper -35, because he doesn’t run his mouth for no reason.”
Arya Koukia
Instagram: AryaK47
Twitter: AryaK47



11. Drake Never Stops Working

“I love drake bc he never stops working on giving us better. Honestly the best artist ever idc what anyone says.

Laura Arellano
Des Moines, Iowa
Instagram: lauraarellanoo_


12. Drake Has A Willingness To Always Do More

“I love Drake’s willingness to always do more, and go the extra mile. Since the start of his career he’s done nothing but improve as an artist, rapper, singer and specially as a performer and entertainer. That quality has gotten him to where he is right know, and he always gives his fans more than we could expect. He just proved it with the ‘More Life’ announcement. Instead of taking a break after the tour, he decides to give his people another project.”

Eugenio Sarritzu
Puerto Rico
Instagram: Fateug
Twitter: PowelMangu


13. Drake Is Timeless

“I love Drake because he is timeless and makes music for everyone. No matter what mood you are in, there is a Drake song that is out there for you and not many artists have that. His versatility, smooth quotes, and constant growth are just a few reasons why he is my favorite artist ever”

Sanders Sullivan
Columbia, SC
Twitter: Sanderssullivan
Instagram: Itsthesandman95



14. Drake Is Legendary Entertainment

“Drake is legendary entertainment, a dream come true if you wished for something phenomenal to happen in your lifetime. His music is honesty, beautifully orchestrated to speak to ALL souls, each song an anthem for all things good and bad about life, love, family, friendship, loss & success. And all this from the most handsome, kindest man that I’m very proud of and love dearly.”

Queens, NY
Twitter: VirgoSister
Instagram: Virgosister


15. Drake Takes His Time With The Music

“I like Drake a lot because of the way he makes his music, he takes a lot of time and effort for them. He is one of the few people that makes his lyrics, Beats and style take you to a whole different world..! I hope you had an awesome birthday man God Bless you and your Fam..OVO ⁶”




16. Drake’s Words Speak To Me

“I love Drake so much that it’s tradition to make cupcakes on his birthday, so much that I attend his concerts by myself, so much that I’m starting a Drake club at the University of Arizona, so much that I feel he writes his songs specifically for me, so much that my dad, mom & little brother & sister now love him ALMOST as much as I do. I love Drake because his words speak to me like no one else’s do. I love him because despite the hate thrown at him, he still does his own thing. OVO REPS UP. I LOVE YOU, DRAKE. ”

Emily Fimbres
Tucson, Arizona
Twitter: _emilyysovo


17. Drake Is Original

“I love drake because he is so original. No one brings me as much joy as he does he is the truth behind my happiness & I know for a fact he makes others feel that way too. When I wanna just sit and cry in a corner I play my favorite Drake song of the week and pick my head up because I know that’s not what Drake would want for his fans. He is so amazing and always sends positive vibes with his music and even through many other mediums. He connects with his fans on so many levels. He always keeps it real and can put a smile on anyone’s face. Aubrey is truly a blessing to my life & everyone around him. Big up the big man on his special day. Happy Birthday Drake. Much love.”


Twitter: Ovogabs
Instagram: Ovogabs


18. Drake Changed The Game Forever

“I love Drake because of what he has done for Music. He changed the game FOREVER. Also, his music and message really saved my life because in my darkest times I’ve pressed play and always turned it off feeling better than I did before, no matter what mood I’m in Drake has a song for it, I can relate to what he talks about more than most rappers. He stays true to himself no matter what other artists or people have to say whether it’s him being a “pop” star or having it easier than most as a child, through all that bullshit he still continues to give us everything he possibly can through his music which will stand the tests of time indefinitely. He’s shown me that no matter what if I can believe it I can achieve it and reminds me FUCK what other people have to say because they’ll never understand what you had to go through to get to where you are at now. Happy Birthday to my Idol, much love DRIZZY Drake Rodgers haha!”

James Shea
New Britain, Connecticut
Twitter : James_shea33
Instagram: Jamesshea22



19. Drake Made Me Rediscover My Love For Rap and R&B

“I’ve been a huge fan since I was 16 around the time successful and forever was coming out. Drake made me rediscover my love for rap and r&b.”

Cody Beissel
Phoenix, AZ
Instagram: Nonewfriendscody 



20. Drake Is Relatable

“The reason why I love Drake soo much is because he makes music that is so relatable and real, and he’s not afraid to express his feelings in his music. Drake you’re music has gotten me through so much in my life from the good times to the bad times. I just want to say thank you for being you!!!!!Happy 30th Birthday Aubrey Drake Graham I love you.”

Skylar Morgan
Sacramento, CA
Twitter: SkylarMorgan_
Instagram: SkylarMorgan


21. Drake Has Given Me Memories Through His Music

“I love Drake since Comeback Season, it was love since at my first listen. What I love most about his music, is that I have so many great memories from his anthem YOLO to Furthest Thing the way he expresses himself through music is inspiring.”

Aileen Matos
Providence, RI
Instagram: Aileenmatos


22. Drake Carries Toronto On His Back

“The reason I love Drake is because his content is relatable. Also, residing in Toronto, he never fails to rep his city and carries it on his back.”

Akshay Bhola
Twitter: Bholaakshah
Instagram: Akshaybhola_



23. Drake Did It With His Own Sound

“I like Drake because like he said he did it with his own sound. Drake is in his own lane! I like the fact that he truly is the best of both worlds OVO sound Reps Up you already…”

Twitter: OvO_YODA



24.  Drake Has Mastered Many Genres Of Music

“I love Drake because he has mastered so many genres of music that other rappers wouldn’t dare touch. The most admirable thing about him is that he’s become a legend for doing everything the way he does, and thanking the people that came up with him. From starting from the bottom, his way of explaining how successful he is now and being so choosy of when he wants to show off, in the subtlest way possible… it’s greatness.”

Zahra Abbas
Jersey City, NJ
Twitter: Za1boss


25. Drake’s Art Is Never Rushed

“Everything he has done from the beginning up until this point has been planned and none of his art is rushed.He stays low and make bigger moves while he rocks in silence.”

Uel Shanklin
Instagram: Yulegram
Twitter: Yulemontana


26. Drake Has Never Switched Up On Us

“Drake has never switched up on us. I have watched/listened to almost every interview he’s done since the beginning of his career and he’s always been true to himself no matter how much sh*t people give him. He’s always maintained that sense of humor that makes him stand out the most from any other artist. He’s never let the “talk” get to him or affect his goal–which is to give his fans the best version of his story that he can give. I love that he raps what is real to HIM and what HE knows, so when he raps about the notebooks filled with raps in his mom’s basement–I know that’s truth cause I’ve seen the interviews. I know about apt. 1503 where it all started. It’s easy to admire and look up to someone who’s always held their ground and kept their head high through every challenge and comes out swinging even stronger than the last.”

Ana Gabriela
Instagram: Bananagabrielaa


27. Drake Is For The Culture

“Drake is for the culture. I feel like I connect and can relate to his music, it’s hard to find artist like that nowadays . Drake is something special, artist like him come around not too often , and what he’s doing right now hasn’t been done before and I don’t know if we’ll ever see anything like him ever again.”

Brooklyn N.Y.
Twitter: B33__ 
Instagram: B33__



28. Drake Changed The Way I View The World

“Drake changed the way I VIEW the world. The way he started from a kid on a mixtape tour until the biggest name in the game. Anything is possible after watching the transformation of champagne papi.”

Thomas Barrett
Twitter: Tommybarrett24



29. Drake Has Grown Along With The Fans

“The man been real from the get go. From Room For Improvement to Views, & everything in between, he’s given us explicit detail about his life through harmony and melodies we’ve come to remember. He sets the tone for competitive music every year, and gives the people something to sing when they need it most. If you listen closely, you hear the truth & dedication within every vibration the OVO team creates. Before fame & after, he continues to find ways to relate, grow, & move forward with his fans. What’s next for him?”

Mike V.
Phoenix, Arizona
Twitter: MikeVRReal


30. Drake’s Music Is A Movement

“His music is a movement & he’s always stayed true to himself. He leaves fans in suspense, but always delivers sensational music.”

David Abernathy
Twitter: SkyAbernathy
Instagram: SkyAbernathy



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30 Reasons We Love Drake In Honor Of His 30th Birthday

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