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All Of The Drake References In Season One Of HBO’s ‘Insecure’

Every so often I come across a TV series that I become addicted to.  My latest addiction? ‘Insecure’.

For at least the past month, every Sunday I would see various people on my Twitter timeline using the hashtag #InsecureHBO. The commentary definitely left me interested and finally I had to see what the “hype” was about. So last week during Thanksgiving break I binge watched the first seven episodes and literally ten minutes into episode one, I was hooked.

Prior to me watching, I was told that I’d like the show because the star and creator of the show, Issa Rae, is a big Drake fan and there’s various Drake references included. To those who told me that, thank you, because you were definitely right. As soon as I heard the first Drake reference in episode one I found myself keeping a list in my phone.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone Issa stated, “We have a Drake lyric in every episode as an Easter egg. That was a personal thing for me.” Additionally, in the below interview with Gayle King on CBS This Morning, she admits that Drake is indeed her celebrity crush.

Since I kept a list of all the Drake references in the show, I decided to share them with you all. You know, just in case you missed any. Check out the list below. 

Sidenote: To those who have yet to discover the greatness of this show, no worries because the first season just ended and its been renewed for a second season. If you don’t have HBO, I suggest you download a free trial of HBO now and get started ASAP. It’s more than worth it.

 Episode 1


While in the car, Issa and Daniel have a funny conversation about Drake.

Daniel: It’s not Moscato, but it’s some shit Drake would like.

Issa: Why’d you just assume I like Drake?

Daniel: Every black girl that went to college likes Drake.

Issa: He just really gets us!

Also, “Feel No Ways” plays as Issa and Molly are at a party.

Episode 2 


While at brunch, Molly and Issa throw in a Drake reference from “Fancy” on ‘Thank Me Later’.

Molly: I’m making today Molly maintenance day. Ima get my nails done, hair done, everything did.

Issa: Oh?! Like a fancy day!

Later on in the episode, Lawrence buys Issa a Drake-themed birthday card to make up for forgetting her birthday.

Episode 3


While at an event, the group starts discussing how black men act after they get their degree. Molly uses a lyric from Drake’s hit “Back to Back”.

Kelli: They act like prized possessions.

Molly: Right. Very important and very pretentious.


Episode 4


While shopping for couches Issa slides in a line from “Faithful” off of Drake’s ‘VIEWS album.

Lawrence: I kinda like this one (couch).

Issa: I love this one and I can watch you do work while I sit back.


Daniel attends career day for the class that Issa works with. Since Daniel is a producer, one of the students asks if he’s ever worked with Drake.

Student: Have you ever worked with Drake?

Daniel: Nah, but I’m producing a track real soon for Ty Dolla Sign.

Issa: You working with Ty Dolla Sign?

Student: So, not Drake?


Episode 5 


While in the studio with her itch that she needed to scratch, Issa and Daniel start reminiscing on why a relationship between them never worked out. Once again, Issa makes use of Drake’s “Feel No Ways” from his ‘VIEWS’ album.

Issa: It’s on you.

Daniel: How is it on me?

Issa: Now you’re tryna make me feel a way on purpose, huh?


Episode 6


While sitting in her car Issa thinks about the potential consequences of telling Lawrence the truth about her and Daniel. This time Issa slides in a line from “Redemption” off of Drake’s ‘VIEWS’ album.

Lawrence: Hey babe. How was work?

Issa: It was fine.

Lawrence: What’s wrong? Something happen?

Issa: I’m just…I’m searching for these words to say to you right now.


Episode 7


While looking for a dress for her fundraising event Issa uses a line from “Crew Love” off of Drake’s ‘Take Care’ album.

Issa: I’m just done doing dumb shit and really I think I like who I’m becoming.


Episode 8

The crew heads to a bar in Malibu to celebrate Kelli’s birthday where she reminds them to be on their “Worst Behaviour”. She also slides in a line from “Pop Style” from Drake’s “VIEWS” album.

Kelli: I wan’t y’all on your worst behaviour.

Molly follows this and they start a game of “We-Did-Say”.

Molly: *After being told to touch a waiter’s butt* She did say be on your worst behaviour. I’m on mine.

Kelli: I love it! Turned my birthday into a lifestyle.





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All Of The Drake References In Season One Of HBO’s ‘Insecure’

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