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April 2014



Drake starts Toronto Raptors "We The North" playoff push

Drake shaped Raptors ad portrays team as NBA outliers

Team will start first playoff run in 6 years on Saturday against Brooklyn Nets

As the Toronto Raptors get ready to start an NBA playoff run that seemed unlikely even a few months ago, a new ad campaign appears to trumpet the city as much as its team.

Titled #WeTheNorth, the ad promotes the as Raptors outliers in the U.S.-dominated NBA.

“One step removed,” says the narrator over shots of the city and pickup players doing battle on snow-covered courts. “Some would say we’re on the outside looking in.”

The ad was created with help from Drake, a Toronto native and international hip-hop music superstar who joined the team last fall as a global ambassador tasked with re-branding the team.

This Saturday the Raptors will play their first playoff game in six years, taking on the Brooklyn Nets at the Air Canada Centre to start a best-of-seven series.

Sports writer Cathal Kelly wrote about the team’s new ad campaign in a column in this morning’s edition.

Kelly also appeared on CBC Radio’s Metro Morning Thursday morning to speak about the new attitude in Raptorland. He told Matt Galloway that an Atlantic Division title for Toronto seemed almost inconceivable, even as recently as Christmas.

Kelly said the #WeTheNorth ad campaign was created with close input from Drake.

“This is positioning for the future, this is the Drake Raptors,” he said. “I think the whole NBA is changing. The grand powers no longer hold the same allure.”




Drake at MTV music awards

Drake has bought Rihanna $42,000 ring

Drake, who is reportedly dating the Rihanna, has splashed out on the yellow diamond, although it is not believed to be an engagement ring.

A source said: “Rihanna was delighted with the gift.

“She has accepted it as a token of Drake’s love. He’s now even changing his schedule to spend as much time as possible with her.

“It’s all getting very serious between them.”

Rihanna, 26, and the 27-year-old star have been “inseparable” in recent weeks and Riri hopes he will ask her to start looking at properties soon so they can plan to move in together.

The pair have been dating exclusively for a number of weeks, following a brief fling in 2009, after Rihanna’s split from ex-boyfriend Chris Brown.

The pair were seen holding hands in London and embraced after Drake’s performance at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday night.

A fan said: “Rihanna immediately ran to Drake, jumped into his arms and planted a fat kiss on his lips.”



Drake goes undercover for Jimmy Kimmel

Rapper goes undercover in wig and beard to quiz people about himself

There aren’t many celebrities who would seek out criticism, but Drake did just that to find out just what the public really think of him this week – with hilarious results.

For a skit on the  Jimmy Kimmel show the rapper donned a convincing disguise and headed out onto Hollywood Boulevard to quiz passers by about himself.

‘Fake Drake’ was told he was ‘a chicken head’ and ‘childish’ and ‘an actor’ as a group of unaware onlookers answered his  questions.
Drake asked on man: ‘How do you feel about rapper Drake refusing to acknowledge Caucasian athletes at the ESPYS?’

While will Drake will host the ESPYs, they don’t take place until July.

However the man replied: ‘I think its baloney, you know.

‘I mean everybody should be treated equally. And hopefully it’ll impact his career too, in a negative way.’

Another man wanted to share his strong feelings about Drake.
‘I’d say he’s a chicken head,’ he said.

And when Drake  asked if he was a fan, the man replied simply: ‘no’.

As prank went on, Drake’s questions got more outlandish.

To one older woman Fake Drake asked: ‘Drake performs as long as my bitches love me at Malia Obama’s  birthday party; the viral video comes out, she’s crying, she’s plugging  her ears. And it makes you feel what?’

The shocked woman said: ‘Sad, very sad.’

Drake on Jimmy Kimmel show

To a younger Australian woman he asked: ‘How do you feel about Drake performing a surprise performance at Coachella and airing his sex tape on the screen?’

‘No, no,’ she answered, horrified.

Fake Drake then asked: ‘Does that sound like a Drake thing to you?’

To which she said: ‘Yeah, they all do that kind of thing.’

Another passer by was asked: ‘Today a story came out where Drake apparently got a little too tipsy and apparently urinated in a baby gap. What do you think?’

‘Childish,’ he replied, to which Drake added, ‘No pun intended?’

As the super-fan started rapping one of Drake’s songs, the rapper pulled off his disguise.

And the surprised fan ran away in shock and delight.

He then resurfaced on the Kimmel’s show, looking thrilled as he embraced his new pal Drake.

Kimmel explained the skit.

‘It’s hard to figure out what people really think. Because in person people are nice because you could punch them in person. But online they are not nice.’




Drake and Rihanna hug at Clippers game

Rihanna and Drake Hug and Kiss at Clippers Game

The not-very-good-at-hiding-their-PDA twosome were seated separately in L.A.’s Staples Center. But, that didn’t stop Rihanna, and Drake, from temporarily separating from their respective crews to sneak in a little courtside hug and kiss between plays!

As you can see, the “Days In The East” rapper was snapped hugged the “Right Now” singer protectively and planting a sweet kiss on her cheek. Rihanna, clearly receptive to the smooch, closed her eyes sensually as she reached to grab Drake’s back.

This lovey-dovey moment came just one day after the pair spent an evening together at Supperclub in Hollywood.

Rihanna and Drake have yet to officially confirm they’re dating, but between the hand holding, kisses and varying public displays of affection.


drake and Rihanna at Supperclub in Hollywood

Rihanna and Drake are once again reunited!

The couple met up last night at Supperclub in Hollywood to celebrate the birthday of Ri-Ri’s BFF Melissa Forde.

The 26-year-old singer and the 27-year-old rapper were all smiles while hanging out together and sipping on beverages. Rihanna looked sexy while showing off some skin in jeans and a white bra under a pink tweed jacket. Meanwhile, Drake looked casual in tan pants and a tan hoodie shirt.

Although the arrived separately, the rumored lovebirds stayed close to each other and even hugged and danced during the party.



Drake greets Kentucky fans


Drake helps the Wildcats celebrate

The Kentucky Wildcats had Drake celebrating with them after a win, and Dwight Howard was doing the “Gator chomp” in the Florida student section.

After Kentucky won on a late shot to advance to the championship game, Drake went to the locker room with the Wildcats.

” He just told us to stay confident, and it’s on us now,” said Andrew Harrison, who had the pass to his freshman twin brother for the game-winning shot. “Just keep playing and don’t be satisfied, so that was exciting for all of us.”

Dominique Hawkins said he had never before celebrated a victory with someone as famous as the Canadian rapper-singer-actor.

“It’s a great to play for Kentucky because we have so many fans, and fans like Drake,” Hawkins said. “He told us to enjoy the moment and get what you want.”


April 2014

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