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Barry Bonds



Yeah, look

It’s what you all been waiting for ain’t it

Your weekly entertainment

For me to get a hold of this beat

And go ahead claim it

I’m bout to paint a picture

You niggas go ahead frame it

Since we gettin Seinfeld

On some Jerry and Elaine shit

I flow far from mediocre

And if we talking cards I will fold him with the poker

You and your whole crew are like a deck of 54

So it’s obvious ya’ll gone steady be rollin with some jokers

Uh, and me, I’m rolling with some brokers

Like damn, could you niggas get any broker?

I got my new girl so content

Just save yourself the embarrassment, don’t even approach her

Disguise yourself, go buy a costume

I am making stocks work, while you working stock rooms

Uh, and I was praying I would drop June,

But label reps applying pressure to make them pop tunes

So I keep it rocking for peets sake

You fake gangsta rappers are cliche

And if you ain’t talking dough when you meet Drake

I’ll be in your face,

Like “No speak a la ingls”

Soon as you hear it you quote it

They tryin to be the one that I done left out the show with

But trust me I’m aware, and my car’s right there

Is this interior enough for your ulterior motives?

Cause if you like it you should stick with me

My money good, I ain’t neva had to flip a key

A lotta ice, a lotta cream like Dickey D

Might cut the phone and disapear like Mishy Me

But I’m tryna have you on that trip with me

Slidin’ through Henry Bendale like it’s slippery

And yo ex man is a hater, officially

Probably cause he know I’m exactly what you wish he’d be

Yeah, that’s the reason why he looking hard

Cause I done snatched the Chips Ahoy out his cookie jar

He just mad cause his girl at the house

With her tounge stickin’ out,

Like a Michael Jordan rookie card

Let me address this, pardon me while I fix

A couple subliminal lines caught me in the mix

I guess he thought that he could’ve been gotti in the flix

But at this point I’m just poking a body with a stick

Now-a-days rapping is a children’s hobby

And girls keep telling me I’m still as snobby

I tell them myself is who I am feeling probably

Just because I gotta buzz like a building lobby

It ain’t a song that your ass finna skipp

I tried to sell weed, give me cash for this zip

The way your girlfriend pump me up in the car

Seem like she don’t really need no gas for the trip

Millionaire shades, fade with the waves

I smirk at a nigga if he still rockin braids

That just let’s me know that we ain’t on the same page

And that goes out to every nigga except Trey

(Eyy) I’m outta here baby, they asked me about the past years and how does it phase me

I wouldn’t take it back, nah not if you pay me

Mister, betcha that’s expensive cause it’s not a Fugazi

Spittin a crock pot of bottomless gravy

The shit is so nasty, how is it tasty?

And you can probably find him walking out of a Macy’s

Forget it girl, they just thinking how to replace me

Exit with a joke, leave these niggas some hope

You took the ‘Ye beat and you put that shit in a joke

Well, I’m thinking I should leave out on this note

Nigga keep your two cents I ain’t trynna leave you broke

Life of a Don, lights keep glowin’

Come up in the club with that fresh shit on

Something crazy on my arm

And here’s another hit barry bonds




Barry Bonds

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