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What you mean I ain’t call you?

I hit you when I landed

I’m waiting in my hotel room

Seems like we are arguing more and it’s getting less romantic

Yeah, I think she’ll be able to tell soon

But I f-cked you right I will

I f-cked you right I will

I’ll f-ck you like no-one has ever ever made you feel

I mean it’s part of our relationships, amazing still

I might just put up with the arguing and stay for real

You looking mad, girl for goodness sakes

You with all those curves and me without no breaks

Ooh, I’m willing to work it out however long it takes you

You feel like you miss those happy days well girl that makes two of us

Our timing is wrong

Your friends always tying up every line on your phone

Yeah but tell them b-tches that you’ll always be my missus

And the hardest part about the f-cking business is minding your own

Uhh, and everytime I try and break it off

We just yell until we tired then I break you off

It’s useless all this fighting lets get past it now

Even when I throw them deuces you just send it back around





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