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Fan Tuesday: Drake Posted Me On His Instagram Because Of My Degrassi Jersey

And we’re back with our fifth edition of Fan Tuesday. Every Tuesday we will highlight a Drake fan and their story. A portion of their story will be shared on Instagram while you will be able to view the full story here in the fan section of the website. It is my wish to bring Drake fans closer together by allowing everyone to share their personal connection to him. I also want to highlight the many ways Drake has inspired and continues to inspire people from all across the globe. I’m so happy with the positive feedback that I’ve received and I hope that it continues!


Name: Sharis

From: North Carolina

Instagram: _hellotitty_

Twitter: _hellotitty_


“I’ll never forget watching Degrassi when it aired on “The-N” back in 2001-2002. I knew from the opening credits that Aubrey Graham was going be my husband one day, lol. Keep in mind I’m only 8 or 9 back then so my thoughts were very far fetched. I definitely wouldn’t have imagined that he’d be the person we know today as Drake.

I know everybody claims to be his “biggest” fan and I definitely believe that to be true. I’m not just a fan of his music, even though I still play Room for Improvement and Comeback Season at ignorant levels, I’m a fan of his overall talent. My favorite album is ‘Thank Me Later’ even though I acknowledge ‘Take Care’ as his best. He got shot on a TV show and still to this day I can’t watch that episode without crying. He has such a humor to him that makes my fandom go through the roof. I even named my daughter after him, Aubrey.


I’ve been to 4 different concerts, Club Paradise (both legs), Drake vs Lil Wayne, and Summer Sixteen Tour and that one was the day my life changed. Each time I go to a Drake concert, I always get closer and closer. Started on the 20th row, and eventually made it to the front row on August 23, 2016 at the Summer Sixteen Tour in Greensboro. The moment tickets went on sale, I dropped the $1000 for a chance to sit front row and to meet the man who I’m the biggest fan of. Getting the email saying that the meet and greet was cancelled hurt beyond measures but I knew from that moment that I had to be noticed at the concert. I bought the Degrassi jersey, knowing that he would definitely notice it and that’s exactly what he did. A photographer came up to me asking questions about the jersey and asked if he could take some pictures. I of course said yes. Once I thought he was finished, I continued singing along with Drake as he performed “Legend” off of his ‘If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late’ mixtape. I had no idea that the photographer was still in front of me snapping away. As the concert came to an end, Drake himself shouted me out saying, “to the beautiful young lady with the Degrassi jersey on taking me back to my Jimmy Brooks days, I see you.” That moment I knew that my entire life was made. I never would have guessed that I’d wake up the next morning and see myself on Drake’s Instagram. No @ name, no fancy caption, but my actual face was on his page. A moment from my bucketlist was finally marked off because Aubrey Drake Graham noticed me. I still haven’t met him, and I still say he doesn’t even know I exist, but that moment was amazing. I am a fan in all aspects of the word, and it’ll always be amazing to know that I was enough of a fan for him to notice little ole me in a crowd of thousands. If I could tell Drake anything it would be, “thank you for being one of the most talented and humble human beings on this planet.” 


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Fan Tuesday: Drake Posted Me On His Instagram Because Of My Degrassi Jersey

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