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Fan Tuesday: Drake Threw Me His Jacket At The Summer Sixteen Tour

And we’re back with our fourth edition of Fan Tuesday. Every Tuesday we will highlight a Drake fan and their story. A portion of their story will be shared on Instagram while you will be able to view the full story here in the fan section of the website. It is my wish to bring Drake fans closer together by allowing everyone to share their personal connection to him. I also want to highlight the many ways Drake has inspired and continues to inspire people from all across the globe. So I present to you, the fourth story of what I hope to be a long series.

Name: Lily Crisp

From: Kentucky

Instagram: LilJane22

Twitter: LjCrisp22

“I’ve always loved Drake, I have every album.. listen to them everywhere I go. Everyone that knows me knows I love him! I went to 2 shows before the Summer Sixteen Tour and that’s when the best things in my life (so far) have happened.”

“Drake pointed me out at the Nashville show for singing all the words and told me he loved me. He then put me on the big screen and thanked me for repping Big Blue in my Anthony Davis UK jersey! After that I just had to go to another show. I started looking for tickets and found front row seats in Des Moines, Iowa. We drove 8 hours from Owensboro, Kentucky to Des Moines, Iowa. The show was amazing and right after “Hotline Bling” Drake looked at me and asked, “You’ve been to a show before haven’t you?”. I screamed, “Yes! Nashville!”. He noticed me coming back to a show from August to October, he remembered, ME!! After all the shows he had performed during that time he actually remembered ME?! After Future performed, Drake came back on stage with an Iowa Hawkeyes jacket on. He started taking off the jacket and rolling it into a ball like he was going to throw it aside. Instead he walked toward the front row and threw it to me, intentionally. YES, I have the Drake jacket. Can’t thank him enough for doing that, I will have it forever. Something so little to him and it means so much to me. I love you Drake!”

You can check out last week’s story, HERE.
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Fan Tuesday: Drake Threw Me His Jacket At The Summer Sixteen Tour

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