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Fan Tuesday: I Flew From Brazil To Toronto Just For Drake’s OVO Fest

And we’re back with our third edition of Fan Tuesday. Every Tuesday we will highlight a Drake fan and their story. A portion of their story will be shared on Instagram while you will be able to view the full story here in the fan section of the website. It is my wish to bring Drake fans closer together by allowing everyone to share their personal connection to him. I also want to highlight the many ways Drake has inspired and continues to inspire people from all across the globe. So I present to you, the third story of what I hope to be a long series.

Name: Gabriela

From: Brazil

Instagram: GabrielaCrespo

“I met Drake’s music through a friend, who made me listen to “Forever” featuring Eminem, Wayne and Kanye back in early 2010. I really liked Drake’s flow and weeks later I was already deep into his music, downloading his previous mixtapes and listening to the singles he had put out to promote Thank Me Later. I felt like I could relate to his songs in a way I had never felt before, and I felt like he magically had a song for every moment and emotion I was experiencing – those were the feelings that really got me hooked on his work.

Living in Brazil, where North-American rap has a limited range of fans, I felt very lonely enjoying Drakes music with such passion. Drake wasn’t known at all and the great majority of my friends weren’t quite interested in his music. So, I joined Twitter and Tumblr in order to follow him and his fan base and to see news concerning him and his music. I’ve met some great people through these platforms!

After years of fangirling from such distance, I thought it would be awesome to finally see Drake in concert; after all, at that point of my life, I had been through a lot of things that his music helped me to handle. Since that was the year of my graduation (2013), seeing him live would be the best gift ever. Drake performing in Brazil was off limits, so I decided to buy tickets to his OVO Fest – in Toronto, a city I could only arrive to taking a 10 hour flight. I’m terrified of planes. Somehow, the thrill of seeing a Drake concert gave me strength – I also had to took a strong ass sedative to prevent me from freaking out while on the plane, lol.

I had the time of my life in Toronto. I’ve been to Word on Road’s pre-concert brunch, made great friends, got to know Meg and Tasha, took pictures with OB and DJ Franzen, and the concert left me so damn speechless, I can’t even put in words the feelings. I cried so much – Drake was real, the man was standing, singing, rapping, right in front of me! The feeling I got that day is something I’ll never forget. I took a Brazilian flag to the concert with me and I showed up on the festival’s screen – it was awesome.

If I could tell Drake anything, I’d say thank you for your music, thank you for being who you are and thank you for delivering such electric performances like the one I witnessed. I can’t wait to see you live again. I’m planning to go to OVO Fest next year once again, but you should really come to Brazil!”


I’d personally like to add this and share an email Gabriella sent me in 2012. Read it below! Amazing how things happen and Drake continues to bring people closer together. She didn’t make it to that tour, but she made it to OVO Fest!

“Hello meg, at first i’d like to tell you that you’re doing an amazing
job keeping up word on road’s website, twitter, tumblr, facebook and
youtube… you are really talented and thank you for giving us a
reliable source for drake news! keep with this great work 🙂 and i’d
like to ask you if you know if drake’s going to perform somewhere in
the us or in Canada in December 2012 or January 2013. I’m a huge Drake
fan from Brazil, I’ve been trying to go to one of his concerts during
this whole year but i didn’t get to go because of my school year,
which is different from the american one.. everytime that there was a
concert i was on classes. and well, i’m going on vacation in November
and i’m willing to see drake live, but since i didn’t find anything
about him performing after Club Paradise Tour i decided to ask you.
I’ll wait for your response. Thank you, hugs from Brazil :)”

You can check out last week’s story, HERE.
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Fan Tuesday: I Flew From Brazil To Toronto Just For Drake’s OVO Fest

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