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Fan Tuesday: I Had A Drake-Themed Birthday Party

And after taking a break for Thanksgiving, we’re back with our sixth edition of Fan Tuesday. Every Tuesday we will highlight a Drake fan and their story. A portion of their story will be shared on Instagram while you will be able to view the full story here in the fan section of the website. It is my wish to bring Drake fans closer together by allowing everyone to share their personal connection to him. I also want to highlight the many ways Drake has inspired and continues to inspire people from all across the globe.

Name: Katie

From: California

Instagram: @KatieIsWinnen

“I am a bit of a Drake fanatic and everyone around me knows it! It started with Degrassi. I had such a crush on Jimmy. I would watch the show constantly! When “Best I Ever Had” came out in ’09, my crush turned into an obsession! Haha, I couldn’t get enough. I started listening to his music non-stop. Since then I have yet to miss a song, album or seeing him live when he’s in the area.

I’d have to say my favorite song is ‘Hold on We’re Going Home’ because I can listen to it a million times and never get tired of it, and it always puts me in the best mood (plus I have a secret fantasy of having Drake perform it at my wedding). My favorite project would be So Far Gone. I have some really fond memories of listening to the album my freshman year of college after I had just moved to NYC alone.

It was a dream of mine to go to OVO Fest and I finally made it happen a few years ago. I went alone! I was so determined to go. And It was such an incredible experience! I’ve been the last three years and never plan to miss a year.

My friend bought me this poster of him in LA and I am so in love with it. It has been in my room for years. It freaks out guys a little but, but I honestly don’t care.



I studied fashion in college. It was always my dream to work for Drake. I wanted to work for him in any capacity, but would have loved to work the OVO clothing line. In school we had the opportunity to create a line and I used the OVO logo for mine. I figured if I ever had the chance to interview for my dream job at OVO, I would want to be prepared! I came up with a line of travel accessories that I felt fit well into the brand. The line was called “Provoke” because I could highlight the OVO. After making this I ever tried to find people who worked for OVO on LinkedIn to try to get it seen by Drake! It wasn’t successful but I loved how my project came out.


This was my final presentation. I still have everything just in case that interview ever happens!



Last year I took it to another level when I decided to use my birthday as a way to go all-out with Drake love and have a Drake-Themed birthday party! It was black and gold and I bought Drake face cutouts for people to have, I wrote song lyrics on black paper and made a gallery wall of them, we drank Hennessy and Champagne and of course listened to Drake all night. I also had big gold balloon  that spelled out OVO, and made banners that said “champagne mami” and “worst behavior”.


If I could tell Drake anything, it would be “Thank you, and you have no idea the impact you have on people’s lives”. Drakes music is incredible, and yes he’s one good looking man, but I can’t express the impact and influence he’s had on my life. Whether it’s in my work, in my passions or getting though challenges, his music is what drives me and keeps me going. One day I hope to meet him to tell him just much of an impact he’s had, and I’m sure he has a fraction of an idea. But when you dive into the minds of Drake fans, especially Day 1’s, it’s crazy what they’ve accomplished thanks to this incredibly talented person. Thank you Drizzy!!”


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Fan Tuesday: I Had A Drake-Themed Birthday Party

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