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Fan Tuesday: I Had The Chance To Shoot Drake’s ‘Summer Sixteen Tour’ In New Orleans

Hi everyone, today we’re back with our second edition of Fan Tuesday. Every Tuesday we will highlight a Drake fan and their story. A portion of their story will be shared on Instagram while you will be able to view the full story here in the fan section of the website. It is my wish to bring Drake fans closer together by allowing everyone to share their personal connection to him. I also want to highlight the many ways Drake has inspired and continues to inspire people from all across the globe. So I present to you, the second story of what I hope to be a long series.

Name: Jade DelValle

From: Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Instagram: Jade.Delvalle

Twitter: JadeDelvalle

Website: DelvalleStudios.Tv


“There I stood, what most would call a “Drake-head” since 2009, backstage at his concert. As I walked the halls of the New Orleans Arena, tour staff members, all dressed in OVO merch, busied themselves. To my right was a door that read “OVO Management”, and to my left was Drake’s dressing room. It was overwhelming to say the least — Trying to find a balance between fitting in and standing out.
Nevertheless, when it was showtime I put my gameface on. The crowd was electrifying. New Orleans welcomed Drake as if it was his home city, and I got to document it all. Being a huge fan of Drake and experiencing the concert up close and personal like this definitely put his music in better perspective. When Future came out the crowd roared. Without a doubt, the dynamic Drake and Future share in music, and their on stage chemistry plays a major role in the crowd’s reception to the two.

I’ve been shooting for 7 years, I started out as a YouTube personality, doing parodies, skits, and homemade reality TV shows, and over time it transpired into a professional service I offered. I love music, so my speciality is music videos. Drake has always had a heavy impact on me and my career because his music videos always are ground breaking. Personally the Started From The Bottom music video is my favorite. It captured his come up perfectly; big ups to Director X. Ultimately in life I hope to own a record label. That’s what DelValle Studios is looking like it’s going to be. Yes, I’m a video director, but I have personal relationships with a lot of the artists I shoot, and I want to see them win. I’ve had my share of managing artists as well. There’s a lot of steps that need to be taken with the brand before hand to get to that point, but in due time the world will see.

Me being a Drake fan dates back to Best I Ever Had. The second I heard the song on the radio. I immediately did a lyrics search. “You do you the best, You do you the best” I typed (lol at the clean version). When I saw Drake come up, I was like Drake Bell raps now? Who is this guy? I think I was in middle school! That night I did so much research I had every mixtape from Room For Improvement, to Comeback Season to So Far Gone, and every loose song in between. Thank Me Later wasn’t even out yet.


I have two Drake inspired tattoos! My first one is located on the side of my stomach. It’s lyrics from Drake’s song “Unforgettable” that reads, “Never forgetting from where I came, and no matter where I’m headed I promise to stay the same.” It’s just a personal reminder to always stay true to yourself regardless of your accomplishments or where life takes you. I come from a city where we really get it out the mud.. It’s an accomplishment in itself to make it out of Baton Rouge, so the tattoo just emphasized that. And thanks to Ms. Tasha (Team Drizzy’s own) it’s in his handwriting! I believe she asked him to write it for me at one of the Club Paradise tours and she mailed it to me. I got it tattooed like a week after.

My second one is on my forearm inspired by Drake’s song “Miss Me.” In the song he says “And life ain’t a rehearsal, the camera’s always rolling.” I just found the lyric too perfect and ironic considering the fact that I do videos. So I got “The camera’s always rolling” tattooed.


If I could tell Drake anything I’d look this man in his face and just say thank you for all you’ve done for me. I live through your music. I know you’ve got a deal with Apple Music so I don’t know if I’ll be shooting one of your music videos anytime soon, but I’d love to come on set. Then I’d ask him to shout out DelValle Studios on my Snapchat.”


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If you are interested in being featured in the future, email us at with the subject line, Fan Tuesday. We’re looking for interesting pitches, so be creative!

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Fan Tuesday: I Had The Chance To Shoot Drake’s ‘Summer Sixteen Tour’ In New Orleans

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