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Fan Tuesday: I’m From Toronto And Drake Inspires My Art And Creativity

And we’re back with our eight edition of Fan Tuesday. Every Tuesday we will highlight a Drake fan and their story. A portion of their story will be shared on Instagram while you will be able to view the full story here in the fan section of the website. It is my wish to bring Drake fans closer together by allowing everyone to share their personal connection to him. I also want to highlight the many ways Drake has inspired and continues to inspire people from all across the globe.

Name: Matthew

From: Toronto

Instagram: Mchws

Twitter: Mchws

Disclaimer: Excuse my Toronto slang/accent.

“The first time I heard Drake was when he dropped ‘Best I Ever Had’ back in 2009, I was like 14/15 in Grade 7 at Oakdale Park M.S. located near Jane and Sheppard. Ever since he dropped ‘So Far Gone’ and ‘Thank Me Later’ he blew up in his own city having the youngin’s in what was known at the time, “T.Dot” going crazy, since 09-10 is was an ATF traditional ting. I went to my first OVO Fest concert in 2013.  Oh by the way, (to the ex girl I let borrow my black and gold threading OVO owl hoodie find a way to get it back to me u know mans don’t play them scampish cyattie games fam). So anyways I got front row seats and the show was amazing. Drizzy really really put on for our city like I never seen anybody do before in there own city which he STILL continues to do to this day. Drizzy always reminds us how much he appreciates each and everyone of us in the city even tho he probably doesn’t know 90% percent of all Toronto’s population but we know him, we know his story, we know his struggle, we know how the man started from the bottom now he’s here, the whole city knows. Love him or hate him you can’t replace a major product and biggest movement of the city. You can’t chat on the mans name too and then say his accomplishments didn’t inspire you and that there is no limit to believing in yourself.


At OVO Fest ’13 I met Chubbs and OVO Ryan. Before the show started I went to buy clothes, I seen in the crack of this wall, the other side. The fly whips, Lamborghini’s, Rolls Royces, Aston Martins, Rover’s, The boys Black Bugatti (Which is FreshAzzzzzz AF). I never seen so many fly whips in one spot in my city. It was just an understatement of Drizzy’s success, accomplishments, the biggest 6 God boss that he is. At that moment I asked myself what can I do to be involved. I always dreamed to work and design for Drake: Tour merchandise, Clothing and endorsement spreads, branding and closing deals/endorsements.


Little did I know 3 years later I would be creating the cover for an artbook by Word On Road for Drizzy’s 29th Birthday titled: What A Time To Be 29. I feel like it’s important for you to know my story. Before I linked up with Meg, I was the kid that applied and never got accepted into Toronto’s Remix Project (Professor X’s school for the gifted). This was about the time (2014) I almost dropped outta High School at Westview Centennial S.S. I thought I was going to make it into the Remix Project in 2014 and I thought I had it all figured out. I was extremely inspired by Karla Moy aka hustleGRL. When I saw her creativity and professional work and all the big clients she worked for I was astonished. I asked myself what can I possibly make to impress, or have on my portfolio to show these guys I really am who I say I am and about this. To come here everyday learn and be dedicated to this because realistically I couldn’t afford post-secondary and all the expenses, studio fees and experiments I wanted to test with my craft. So I didn’t get accepted and found myself a job part-time at Mcdonalds in Jane and Finch mall and was still finishing high school for a 5th year. I knew these things were temporary sacrifices but still took away valuable time from my creative flows. But aside from these things, I met Megan last year, all though I was mad shy and couldn’t hold down a proper conversation with her at the time, I used to snapchat her my art and she would reply back to me which meant so much and I’ve never felt a connection so close within Drake’s music and another person that shares the same feeling. Me being 19 at the time I knew nobody in the city would ever take me serious, or even believe in me. She did. And because of this it allowed me to figure all of this out for myself, refocus and re-shift my energy, creativity and regroup myself. And I thank you so much for that. Ill never think about stopping the chase, even if people think I’m in over my head.



Drake has inspired by art and creative flow. Seeing the boy flying to L.A. and back to the city. He would drop a huge track and just chill court side at the Raptors game in the city like he didnt just break the internet. He incorporates our city and streets into his flows and our slang is now worldwide. These other guys just can’t do it like him and that’s why he is my idol. Those waste mans are forever on this again and again shit. Everything Drake does is classic. From Houstatlantavegas to Fake Love. You continue to make the city proud and I know it will never stop word to Mayor Tory. I grew up in a town house before moving to Jane and Finch at the age of 5 and I thought it was really cool that Drizzy is from there and shouts out our ends. I want to name my art company “Jane and Weston” because it’s more than just street names, it has a lot of meaning behind it. Just like every type of art I do, I try to leave a message, subliminally, intentionally and/or just to flex my creativity.

I illustrated my own tattoo of a CN TOWER on my left under bicep, I got the inspiration after I seen Drizzy’s CN tattoo on his arm. My mother went crazy when she seen this one tho, like why would u do this I was like “Chill.. Mans are from the 6 mom, u know.”


If I could tell Drake anything it would be: I am the kid sitting at home that wants to be bigger than Kanye West’s art company Donda Create, Rocnation and MMGs ALLBLK, Chris Brown’s designer Mcflyy, Justin Bieber’s tour and pop up shop designer Jerry Lorenzo, Kanye’s boy Joe Perez. The love you have for us in the city makes me believe I can and will do it. I’m 20 years old, and It’s like If I choose to go after this and go like kick it with a women (ting) or go out for drink I know I’m potentially slipping cause I know these guys are out here working and that’s all I know to do. I study this game Drizzy I swear, I know all of there moves and sure they can make some dope stuff I haven’t seen before like Ye’s Saint Pablo Tour or Yeezy propaganda, but I can make dope stuff too, I believe in me and my city that is where all my energy, creativity and limitless ego comes from. If they can invent a new wave of creativity then so can I and don’t ever doubt me because I am very much alive from the 6 side. I just want to be bigger than all these guys in my field. I’m not saying I’m the best but I like to tell myself I am so it doesn’t limit me. I’m going to put in the work everyday just like Party and I want to emulate that feeling u got when you first heard “Make a mill”. I want everything I do to be a classic and I want it to make history. Just like what you do, I look up to that. Thank you if you read my story, just reading it alone and having your attention is my goal. These waste buckets are out to get you and I’m not talking about the charts they will never compare no long talk, but I admire the way you’re fearless and confident in your craft, you aren’t afraid of these other industry wastebuckets you’re ready and you always let them know if its a ting its a wayyyyy ting, u know? Way Way Wayyyyy up. U know what I’m really saying is if you’re really from our city, no snitch ting. OVO Reps have been Up, All Things Fresh, lets get faded off that Virginia Black! I still didn’t finish my bottle but you know mans are about to done it out.”

You can check out some of Matthew’s artwork below. 


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Fan Tuesday: I’m From Toronto And Drake Inspires My Art And Creativity

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