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Kyla Talks Being Featured On Drake’s “One Dance”

This past week, Drake released two new songs “One Dance” and “Pop Style”. “One Dance”, a fun dance track, features both WizKid and Kyla. In this exclusive interview with NME, Kyla explains how it feels to be sampled by Drake.

Drake’s new hit song “One Dance” samples/features UK artist, Kyla. The original song is from 2008 and is called “Do You Mind”.

What started out as just a sample turned into Kyla becoming one of the featured artists on the song. In this interview, she explains the process.

“I got a call a while back, and I was getting loads of emails. To be honest, I was really bad and kept putting them aside like ‘I’ll call later’. You know how it is, sometimes we’ve had things come in and they fall through at the last minute. When we phoned, the company said ‘A huge international star wants to sample your tune and they wanna have a meeting with you’. I was like ‘Yeah ok, who?’ and when they said Drake I was like ‘Yeah right!’ We signed papers and I still didn’t believe it. I had a feeling someone was gonna say to me ‘April Fools’.

They said they wanted it to be a sample at first,” she said. “That’s what they originally contacted me for, then when we got on the phone and had chats, they were like ‘how would you like to be a feature instead?’”

“One Dance” has shot up the iTunes chart and currently holds the #1 position. It is now available on iTunes to purchase and Apple Music, Spotify and Tidal to stream.


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Kyla Talks Being Featured On Drake’s “One Dance”

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