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Kylie Jenner, PartyNextDoor Dating: Drake Responsible For Couple’s Get-Together After Tyga Split

Drake might have been the person responsible for hooking up PartyNextDoor with Kylie Jenner, sources allege.

According to a new report, the rapper reached out to the 22-year-old singer after learning that Kylie had dumped his former label mate Tyga, claiming she wanted to remain single and avoid any boyfriend drama for the time being.

Ironically enough, when PartyNextDoor made it known that he was more than interested in going on a date with Jenner, she couldn’t refuse and gave him a chance. The twosome have been spotted out and about on several occasions this past week, leading people to believe the couple is officially dating.

So how exactly did Drake manage to get these two together? Kardashians fans would already be aware of the fact that the “Views” rapper is good pals with the family, especially Kylie after having performed at her 16th birthday bash three years ago.

On top of that, Drake only lives minutes away from Kris Jenner’s home in Calabasas, practically making him and the Kardashians neighbors.

A source reveals that the 29-year-old Canadian rapper was convinced that Kylie and PartyNextDoor would make a perfect fit considering the fact that they already hang around the same circle of friends.

The insider revealed, “Drake’s sees opportunity at every turn and he’s the mastermind behind PND and Kylie. The minute he heard Kylie and Tyga split, he told his boy he needed to connect with Kylie — and voila.”

It’s unclear how Tyga must feel about the news that his former close pal helped his ex-girlfriend get together with one of his best friends.

This is particularly interesting given the fact that Tyga has been trying to reconcile with Jenner since their sudden split. Reports claim that the “Faded” artist won’t stop texting Kylie, begging her to give him another chance, but she’s just not interested.

Well, we now know why she’s not interested — she’s already got a new boyfriend.

The source added, “Thing is, it’s very hard to meet good people in this backstabbing industry, so when Drake sees good peeps he does his best to bring them together. No diss to Tyga, Drake’s got love for him too. But it seems that boy had his chance and blew it.”

Drake is said to be a regular over at the Kardashian household whenever the family throws one of their extravagant parties, such as their Christmas celebrations in early December.

Having grown to form some sort of friendship with Kylie, he thinks she’s a genuine young girl, and hooking her up with someone that was closer to her age group seemed more fitting for the 18-year-old.

ollowing Kylie Jenner’s split from Tyga, the likes of Kim and Khloe Kardashian have come forward, stressing that they supposedly knew the romance wouldn’t last.

One of the reasons why nobody was convinced that Tyga would stick around for long was because Kylie was eventually going to see that the age difference between the two would cause issues in their lives.

At 26, Tyga would eventually want Kylie to settle down and have his children while Jenner is solely focused on her career and spending quality time with her friends — the things that Tyga has already experienced in his younger years.

All in all, what do you make of Drake getting Kylie and PartyNextDoor together?Source: inquisitr/Hollywoordlife

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Kylie Jenner, PartyNextDoor Dating: Drake Responsible For Couple’s Get-Together After Tyga Split

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