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Stay Schemin




Guess every team doesnt come complete with niggas like ours

Thats why I see no need to compete with niggas like yall

I just ask them when you see me you speak up nigga thats all

Dont be ducking like you never wanted nothing

Its feeling like rap changed, there was a time it was rugged

Back when if a nigga reached it was for the weapon

Nowadays niggas reach just to sell they record

Spaghetti bolognese in Appolo lounge

Me and my G from DC thats how I roll around

Might look light, but we heavy though

You think Drake will pull some shit like that you never know

Million dollar meetings in appollo lounge

Me and my man all Oliver North thats how I roll around

Shawty wanna tell me secrets bout a rap nigga

I tell a bitch its more attractive when you hold it down

Kobe bout to lose a hundred fifty Ms

Kobe my nigga I hate it, had to be him

Bitch you wasnt with me shooting in the gym

(Bitch you wasnt with me shooting in the gym)

Tell Lucien I said f-ck it Im tearing holes in my budget

Bag her like we in Publix and take her ass out in public

Ordered it a filet tell her butterfly shell love it

She used to soda and nuggets she really just out here thuggin

Im just hittin my pinnacle you and pussy identical

You like the f-ckin finish line we cant wait to run into you

But let me get my mind of that

Young rich muthaf-cker getting mine off rap

with my niggas




Stay Schemin

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